Farewell to my Nokia 6610~

Today is the day~ hehe =) Gonna go Saberkas this noon and get my new hp. Hiakz! But before that, surely gotta say goodbye to my ol' Nokia 6610 first. It has been with me for 3years? I think so. hehe.. I still remember I got this phone as a gift from my parents when I first got top in class in Form4. Hahaz! I chose this phone for one reason last time. Well, that person should know. Anyway, it's nice to use. What I like most is the radio. Did entertained me few times. Hiakz! Ok. Enough of words. Here's the pic~

This is the original cover. Kept it since I got this phone. Wana protect nice nice ma. But too bad now the screen part got cracked =(

Just a view of the side =)

And that's my wallpaper. It's pink with the word "Angel". Hehe =)

That's all. Buh-bye my darling~


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