Glass Forest...

I walked alone in the glass forest
Seeing only my own reflection
Days and nights I wonder to myself
Will there ever be someone for me

I turned around and saw your shadow
You were standing there smiling at me
Was it luck or was it fate
For me to meet someone so perfect

When you took the wrong path
You sang to me asking for forgiveness
You touched my heart with only words
Not knowing that I'd fallen for you

You showered me with love and care
Make me love you more each day
I need neither diamonds nor pearls
All I want is to be with you

I pray hard for this to not end
Our happy days, our starry nights
I cherished each and every moment with you
For you, I'll always be there

Walking out of the glass forest
Hand in hand, side by side
I saw not my own mask
What I now see is the reflection of love

*sigh* Found this poem somewhere...It used to be so meaningful...But now...Moments are left memories...


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