HapPy MothErs' Day~~~

Yesterday was Mothers' Day~ A day to thank all mothers in this world for what they had done to give us all the best! Me love me mummy~ But me very bad =( Me don't give me mummy presie. Me didn't go buy. Sowee mummy~ But I promise you I'll buy something for you when I got my pay. *hugs and kisses*

So, how did you guys celebrate your Mothers' Day? As for me, my whole family went to my auntie's house to celebrate with my grandma. We bought a nice fruity cake. Yum yum! My auntie cook a nice meal for all. But sadly, not many went. Only two families were there to celebrate with my grandma. My grandma is sOo cute! She saw a cake and thought it's her birthday. Haha! She was asking why no one remembers her birthday. Hehehe =)

Oki! I know I know. I talk a lot. Let you guys see some pics la. Hehe =)

This is the fruity tutty cake we bought from Mita Cake House.

Look! There's fruit even at the inside! Hehe =D

And there is my mummy in red, grandma in middle, my 3rd auntie at the side.

Hahaha! Look at how "tam chiak" is everyone *includes me* Hehehe =D
That's all from me about Mothers' Day~ Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers out there!!! *hugs* Mummy is the BEST!!!


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