New hp~!~!~!

Finally!!! I got my new hp!!! Hehe =D SoOoO happy and satisfied with it.

Yesterday I had class for Paper6 from 2 til 5. After class I went to pick my cousin, Chee and head to Saberkas. First, we went to Ngiukee cos Chee wana buy tissue. Her nose leaking. Hahaz! But we saw sOo many people at the counter. Ngiukee sales ma. So instead we went to Guardian Pharmacy lor. She bought a pack of tissue with 4packets inside and I bought myself the Nivea Lip Care Essential. My ol' one finish dy. I was so hungry when came out from class. So we went to buy waffle to eat. I thought the time still long so we kinda enjoy our time first. I went to computer shop to ask about reformating price. RM45 (-_-) But well, that's very good dy la. Cos they include back-up. So I'll send my comp over this Thursday.

Then, we went to buy hp. I went to this Hotlink shop where I know the hp they sell are cheaper than others. Last week I asked, the people sell Nokia 5300 for RM650. But yesterday I went to see, the people said the price went up. It's now RM690 for AP set and RM700 for original set. Haiz... Then Chee said why not we see other shop? Who knows theirs didn't raise? So I thought Ok lor.

We walked to many shops. Some priced it high and some priced it low. But few wants my phone. I mean my Nokia 6610. I wana trade it in.

Then at last, we went to this Digi shop next to the Hotlink one to ask. The girl said she will take in my phone for rm90-110. So I let her check lo. They checked so long! I was kinda in a hurry to pick my bro from tuition. Then finally ok liaw. She offered me RM110 and sell me the Nokia 5300 for RM670. So deal closed!

Have a look at my new Nokia 5300 =D

That's my baby~ On the box. Hehe
And there's the lighting when it's slided up..
That's the back of it. NOKIA 5300 Xpress Music is written on top. The camera is 1.3 megapixel. Not bad. Quite clear.
That's all. *muaCkZ* mm...I'm very veRy satisfied I bought this handphone. With my own salary. Hehe =)


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