1st of June

Was so busy for the whole week. Til now then have time to post up something. A story about 1st of June, Gawai Day~ My Gawai Day was so fully packed although I'm not celebrating it. Haha! Early morning my whole family including my dad who came back, went for breakfast. Then to saberkas to get my phone fix. Stupid shop. My hp could be a second hand phone. There's other people's contact number in the phone memory. Surely I'm not satisfied la. So went with mummy. At first the shop person said can't do anything. Then mummy angry lo. Then the shop person said ok la. Will change a new set for me. So I left my phone with them for a day.

After that, mummy wana buy present for my bro's baby sitter which we're going to visit her at Bau. We went to 100% Discount Store at Green Road. Mummy and bro went to see hamper while I went to see shoes. Hehe =) Wanted to look for formal shoes for work. But didn't see any nice ones. In the end I bought a pair of sneakers. Haha! Been wanting a sneakers for quite some time. It's cheap ey. RM19.90 ONLY!!! Have a look at it =) The shoes at that shop quite cheap. Maybe some of you girls should try go have a look there.

Then after that, we went to visit my bro's baby sitter at Bau. No one in the car knows the way up. Got lost twice. Haha! We had our lunch there. Nice food~ But no pics of them. Hehe =) After visiting, we went home to rest. Then wait for my aunty from KL to call us. Her whole family came back to Kuching for holiday. They booked two rooms at Damai Beach. So in the afternoon, after they'd arrived, my family, my aunty's family, my grandma, third aunty and two of her daughters all went up to Damai. My aunty's friends also went up. The weather was so hot! I didn't go swimming with the rest. Only stroll by the beach with my cousin Jia Jia. My aunty's friend brought 3 cakes for us. One is kiwi cheese cake, one is sponge cheese cake and another is chocolate cake. I only manage to take the kiwi cheese cake's pic. The sponge cheese cake had been finished by everyone. Haha! The chocolate cake, I didn't get to taste it cos they eat it at night when I'm not there anymore. So sad =( Didn't stay over ma. (but now the cake is wit me! cos they can't finish it. hehe ) Show the cake first la! This is kiwi cheese cake! Yummy right?

My aunty, we called her Nong Ee. Whenever she comes back she will bring back a lot of her stuff which she doesn't want anymore. Many are still in good condition. Stuff like clothes, bags, sunglasses, make up kit and lots more. This time she also brought back a lot. Two big boxes. One is her stuff and another is my other aunty called Mei Ee. So we all here (macam DBKU) quickly opened up and find stuff we want. Hehe =) I got a few stuff. Two shirts, a bag, two sunglasses, two lipgloss and perfumes. The perfumes not her stuff. Don't know where she always get them. Here are the stuff I got. No pics of the clothes. Sowee~ hehe =)

This is the bag. White color. Brand, Clarins. Simple and nice =) Very comfy.
This is a sunglass by Gucci. Don't know real or fake. Haha!

This is another sunglass I took. It's by Christian Dior. Not bad right? hehe

These are lipglosses. Do you spell lipglosses this way? Haha!

And these are perfumes~!~!~! See the multicolors? Each color has different scent.

That's all about my Gawai Day~ A happy day~ Buh Bye~


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