AmaZing coLoRs~~~

Just now around 11.45am something beautiful happened! I was told by my colleagues who were looking up the skies. It's BeAuTiFuL!!! I took lots of pics with my handphone. I don't know how to describe what is it. It's something I've never seen before! Even my boss who is already 60years old never seen it! Hahaz! It's really beautiful and amazing how nature can go. Let me try describe ya? It's somewhat a rainbow ring around the sun. Mmm...I think that's how much I can explain. Hahaz! Let the picture explain la. Enjoy~
See it? Beautiful right? =)
Another one. Hehe =)
Mm? I don't know why this one looks so blue. Haha! That lil part at the side is ING building. Hehe =)
I'm so happy I get to see it. It's like once in a lifetime thingy? Hahaz! So sakai la me =P


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