Haha! Shoes shoes Shoesies~~ Recently I've been spending my salary at buying shoes. Last two weeks I bought sneakers RM19.90. Last week I bought a pair of black pumps RM53.91. And last weekend I bought a pair of boots again RM69.95! Hahaz! My mum scolded me for spending so much and didn't save up anything. Oh well~ that's life~ hehe =)

I'd showed my sneakers pic at the last blog aye? Now is the pic of my black pumps. At first it wasn't comfortable. My toe skin peeled off =( But then now I put on cottons. No more pain! hehe =) Just wore it last night to Hilton for Discover Orange program. Nice~ Sadly I don't have the pic for my boots. It's just plain black. No pattern. Only 1 inch heel. Comfortable to wear la.

That's all! Mm..Maybe I'll blog a lil something later about the Discover Orange program which was held at Hilton last night. A very nice good program for all.


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