Family Day at Sematan Palm Beach Resort~~~

I know many of you are looking forward to my updates especially Ah Lost. Haha! Here you go. All the pics from Family Day. Let me ban ban story ok?

Around 11am Choon Fung came my house to pick me. She went to pick Ms Chan before picking me la. We sent my lil bro to my aunt's house then head over to Mr Kuang's house. Around 12.30pm we departed. First plan was to go Lundu to eat. Will be meeting Fung Tang Ee and family there. But then they said not the same route so we changed venue. Went over a lil seafood place name Xiao Ling to have lunch. Fung Tang Ee's family include Uncle William, Zhi Jian and Zhi Yi. The food there not bad la. After ate, we went straight to Sematan Palm Beach Resort.

We reached the resort around 3pm. Went to our room to put our stuff. Me, Ms Chan and Choon Fung shared same chalet with Yin Hua and Hui Ping. There are two rooms in that chalet. One room with a double bed and one room with four single beds.
This is what I first saw when walked into the room. Haha! She was enjoying herself with newspaper and chips! Haha! SsHh! She didn't know I took this pic! Heee~
This is our chalet number. F-4 eh? Hehe =D But F4 dy outdated la. Hahaha!
Then I went to see the beach. Took this simple pic la. Mr Kuang's chalet situated directly facing the sea. So nice! Same goes to Sian's chalet, Mr Liong's chalet and Kim's chalet. Nice huh~
Then I visited F-3 chalet. Anne, Robert, Fern, Tak, See, Shirley, Simon and Yang shared that room. Tak, Simon, Yang and Robert were making kites in the room. Do they look like they're making kites or gossiping? Haha!
Now this is what you'll get when you mix around with gamblers a.k.a. Puak Kiaw Kui. Hahaha! Jk! Mei Juen(Alan's wife, not sure whether this is how you spell her name. Sorry if wrong.), Thian, Yang and Barbara were playing cards. Mei Juen very good at this game oh! Don't play play! Haha! I did join in but didn't win =P Kalah Mei Juen la.
Then it's time to gather at beach to play. Firstly before we start..Thian, Zainal, Simon, Tak, Fern and Hua tried their own-made kites. Some of them can't even fly! Kept spinning round and round. Haha! The first kite which manage to flew up was Hua's kite.
Some random pic of people trying to fly the kites. Heee~
Here we have Simon, Tak, Zainal, Yang and me. Simon's kite landed on the grass. Haha! Tak and Zainal trying to fix their kite. It seems like their kite wasn't balance.
Oops! Got caught by Kee Leong. Hiding from the sun. Haha! The weather was so hot neh! Girls memang ai sui ma! =P
Time to play! We were divided into three teams. These are my teammates. Tak, Fern, Zainal, me, Anne, Robert, Alan, Zhi Jian and Fung. We are the yellow team! And we're number 1~
Know how I manage to take this pic? Cos I was disqualified! Hahaha!
Woohoo~ Run run rUn!!! Hahaha! I don't know how to explain the game. Haha!
This game is called 7 hands 8 legs. So messy! Haha!
Preparing for the game? I don't know. Haha!
This is the end of the game dy leh. Group pic. Our team didn't win any of the game at all! Haha! But we were given a prize for losing too! Hehe =) Thanks to Sian. Cos she said should give us also ma. Kesian we didn't win any. Haha!
This is Tak. Opening ceremony of our prize. Hehe =)
Tada~ This is what we got. Chips, cookies and chocolates! All the prize were prepared by Mrs Liong's family. So nice of her. Hehe =)
We had bbq for dinner. Dined under few camps. The food, I'm not sure who prepared them.
A table filled with foods!
We had fried rice, beehoon, mix vege and jellies. Yum~
And these were the chicken wings, sausages, fishes and corns! *drools~*
After dinner we played few more games til 10.30pm. The management gave us notice before saying that we have to dismiss around 10pm cos might disturb other people who wants to rest. So we dismissed lor. But sure not in the mood to sleep la. Headed over Sian's chalet and continue play! Haha! Played cards. Those who lose will have to drink half cup of Vodka mixed Sprite. It was fun whole night. The Vodka finished around 1am. They all were tired dy so separated and went back to rest.
Those left awake were me, Fern, Yang and Ming(Forest's bro). We chatted and chatted. Then Fern was sleepy dy. So me, Yang and Ming had a stroll down the beach. It's almost rain. There were thunders and lightnings. So we don't need any torch light to see. Haha! Then halfway walking, we felt raindrops. Bopien lor. Wana rain dy. We three went back room and snooze off. That time was around 3am dy. Haha!
I woke up around 6smth near 7am. Only slept 3hours. Don't know why automatically woke up so early. Hehe =) Freshened up and headed down to beach. Everyone at the front chalet dy woke up. Haha! Aiya. They slept early ma.
This is the morning view by the beach. Then sun wasn't really up yet. Still cloudy. Hehe =)
Only manage to take photos of the resort in the morning. Very nice comfy chairs they have there.
This is the other side. Approaching the entrance.
Later I went back to my room to shower. Before that, I caught someone. Haha! Know what's he doing there? Hehehe =P Simon was brushing his teeth outside his chalet! Hahahaha! Oh! One info for you all. The stupid resort actually off their pipe water at night! Can't even flush the toilets! My gosh! It was so horrible!
Anyway, after showered we all headed to breakfast at the cafeteria. The food and environment were ok. I had tea, baked beans, bread and sausage. Then it's time to snap pics again. Heee~
This is place? I think la. Ain't sure.
This is the banner designed by Thian, I think. Nice right?
Hmm...found this sign board at the entrance to chalet. Hahaha! There were coconut trees around. But disappointingly we didn't see any coconut fall. Haha!
This is the cafeteria. Very peaceful look. To me la. Hehe =)
This is.....I don't know what. Haha! Looks like canoe it a canoe?
I don't know why I took pics of sign boards. Sotz! Haha!
Me and my granduncle. Heheee~ He sayangs me a lot!
This is the management counter. Nothing nice to buy. Haha! But I would like the sail thingy. Don't know what's it called.
Caught in action! Bargaining with the cashier. Haha! No la. Actually they wanted to rent the bicycle. Hehe =)
This is Ms Chan and Fung bringing Zhi Yi to the beach.
Me and Zhi Yi. She's cute isn't she? Hehehe =)
This was the last pic of the day. Took before any of us leave. A BiG hApPy fAmiLy of KYK AgenCy~~~
That's all for the day. The trip was FUN! I haven't have so much fun for so long! The next family day? I'll DeFiNiteLy be tHeRe!!!


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