I'm feELing hYPeR~!~!~

WeEeEe~!~!~! I'm sOoOoOo HAPPY!!!!! Know why? Cos he just came to my house. Hiakz!

Suddenly this morning he came online then chat with me. Asked what I'll be doing later noon. I said nothing lo. Just at home alone don't know do what yet. Then he pop the question again! Like he always did. Heee~ Although just an hour la. But I'm satisfied to at least can see him. =) Talked through the one whole hour. Haha! He gotta leave early cos going for bowling tournament. =) Sweet of him to drop by ^^

Before he left, he even said wana come again next week. Haha! But sorry la. Next week I'll be over at Secret Recipe with Aurelia celebrating her pre-birthday. Haha! But it's ok. We still have 31st to go out. WeEeE~~


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