New clothes again! Haha!

This morning I woke up at 6.02am. Readied myself for the beginning of another journey. On my way sending my bro to school, mum driving, I was looking at the sky. A very nice scenery. So I took the pic. How can I miss that moment? Hehe =)
It looks like sunset but it's actually sunrise. Beautiful isn't it? This pic was taken at the Matang big roundabout. I love the colors of nature. Heee~

Yesterday me and my colleagues went shopping again! Haha! I wanted to buy a racer tee back top and some office wear. We went to Colourful Boutique. I was eyeing at a black top but sadly it can't fit me. Wuuwuu~ I tried a pair of black long pants. Office wear la. It's black with white vertical stripes. The material is quite rough but it fit me so well. So I bought it. Only RM34. Cheap eh? Then I dy want to pay for the pants but my colleague dragged me off. She saw this yellow top and said it looks nice. I saw that top the first time I went there but didn't buy cos I thought yellow will make me look dark, but I was wrong! It's nice! So I bought it. Only RM12!!! Haha! Overall I spent RM46 for a pants and a top. Good trade!
We left Colourful to go over Jenny's new shoes shop to have a look. So many things! Gosh! Sze was looking for shoes, Fung was looking for sunglass while I looked at caps. Ms Chan just watched. As usual la. Hehe =) I'm currently looking for a cap. Wana bring to Family Day. Hehe..Can anyone help? I want a black cap with graffiti designs. gonna go back Jenny there to look again. Hehehehe =D Shop shOp and sHOp!!!


ahlost said…
wah... shop shop shop..

hehehe.. i wanna go FAMILY DAY.. I WANT!!!

can postpone or not?

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