New DVD Player

Today when mummy sent me lunch at office, she told me that she bought a new dvd player dy. Hehe =D Sure when I hear I happy lah. Who don't? Anyway, when reached home after work, she immediately asked me to set it up. And so I did.
This is the packaging. It's of the brand Kainon from China. China stuff. Haha! But cheap oh! Only RM100+. Nowadays dvd player getting cheap.
The player is sOo nice!!! It has blue lightings!! Which I love so much to be my car's downlight. LoLx!!! The cover slides to open. CooL right?
And this is the light effect after I put it into the shelf. I just love the lighting sOo muCh! Haha! Mummy also said the lighting is nice and that's what caught her attention. Hehehe =D

Now mummy and bro can watch dvd without have to use my comp dy. Hiak hiak hiak!

Tonight's a boring night la. No one to chat with. All went out to party. Honey out. Daling out. All out. Aih... Bored cin..


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