New pendrive~

Finally my new pendrive had arrived! I ordered the pendrive from my colleague. Her grandma went to Johor to buy. It's very cheap oh! Not only pendrive. Almost everything there is cheap. This pendrive only cost me RM39.90 and it's 1gb! Hahaz! My old pendrive cost me RM99 ler and it's only 512mb. Now the pendrive also spoilt dy. Still can use but the head bit bengkok dah.
This is how the packing looks like. Not bad looking oh! The pendrive is very small in size. Cute~

It comes with a red band. Forgot what's it call la. My brain stucked. Hehe =D This pendrive is for personal usage. While my the other pendrive is for office usage. Cos Ms Chan's pendrive really spoilt dy. Haha!

p/s: Thank you Fung~!~


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