Point One @ Ban Hock

Yesterday as you people all know, I wanted to go around town to look for a nice place to dine on Friday night. But the sky wasn't permitting me. It rained so heavily last night. So after work, I went to Colorful Boutique to look for nice clothes. But walked out with empty hand. Haha!

Then I headed over to Siong's house. On my way there, it started to rain and it got heavier when I reached his house. He wasn't expecting my arrival. Hahaha! Anyway, he showered and we went out for dinner. Don't know where to go. Siong suggested Point One at Ban Hock but I insisted at going somewhere else. Turned around not knowing where to go (Jade Pot was closed). We end up going Point One. Hahaha!

Surprised to many, it's my first time there. Hehe =) I didn't know the atmosphere inside is so nice! I was pretty shocked. It was sOo romantic inside. Filled with candlelights. *hint hint*
It was pretty dark inside there. The cushion seats...um....I think the management can change it dy la. Haha! The waiter came and we ordered our food. We both had ice lemon tea and I ordered chicken chop with mushroom sauce. Siong didn't eat anything cos he taken his dinner at home.
I only took the pic of my ice lemon tea cos when my chicken chop arrived, I was too hungry dy. Took my knife and fork and Yum! Haha! Chee and Siang joined us not long after we arrived. I don't know what drink they ordered. Only know that Chee ordered handmade noodle.

We chit chat around. Feeling lazy to search around town. Chee just suggest to me some places. Around 9pm Ah Boy and Deedoo came to meet up with Siong. They're going Ocean. We left around 9.30pm.

Mm...now...my plan...

I don't really like the chicken chop at Point One though. It's small yet expensive. So I'd decided.

First choice: Westwood
Second choice: Richmond
If both place weren't open on Friday night, then my last stop will be at Point One @ Ban Hock.

Anyway, I wana thank you so much to all of you who suggested me lotsa places to go. Thanks! There will always be another time =)


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