Some people!!! (Explanation copy)

I just found out this morning about the REAL attitude of SOME PEOPLE!!! It got me sOo MAD!!! I'd deleted them from my friendster. I don't care whether you people say that I'm childish for doing so or what-so-ever! I just don't want such friend anymore! List them out? Yes I will! But I'm not that bad to write their name. Take a look at these b******s!

3. TCS
4. CKS
6. Everyone who had done stupid STUPID things!!!

D**n you all! B******s! P******s! M****s! F*****s! Shit you! I wish you guys 'enjoy' the h*** outta your life!

p/s: To the person who told me things, thank you! I do know about these stuff. But I can't believe some of them are included.

Dear people, the post above, I wana make some amendment. I heard from people saying about this post. I think I should give some clear explanation about it.

First of all, yes indeed what I heard at that time got me real mad. I was so angry and so I posted all up. I'm still not quite sure of whether to believe in what I heard. Some might be true some might be not. But well, now all of them are histories. I don't think what I said about being friends thingy is right. I wana apologize for that part. I'm sorry. I was naive I admit. And at the same time I was blindfolded by someone.

Now that I think back, it's not worth losing so many friends over someone. Friends are real important to me.


To S: I just wana say I'm sorry that I caused up some misunderstandings. The real situation I really don't know. I know what I heard of what you did and you know what you did. No sins no fear.

To H: I told you bout some of it. You said you don't know and you did not. Alright. I believe. But I still wonder why words spread around. Could be some people trying to erase you out of my life by making me hate you.

To T: You did tell me a lil about these stuff. I wana say thank you for being honest to me. I shouldn't hate you. Cos I know it's the situation that need you to do so. I won't blame you. I guess I'll find some time to ask you for more explanation.

To C: I don't know totally about you. But did hear you were include in these stuff. The only explanation I can give you is, I myself ain't clear about it.

To E: I know what type of person you are. But oh well, boys will always be boys. I can't blame so much on you cos in a way, it's actually my own fault.

Conclusion, to everyone I include in this matter, the truth isn't reveal yet. And I won't know the truth for the rest of my life unless all of you, includes the person who told me about this matter, all explain to me. But, I guess this thing doesn't really matter to me now. It's the past.

Guys, again I wana say I'm sorry. I still am clueless about this matter....


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