Stroll down memory lane...

Today I had a walked down memory lane... I forgot how did it feels like to be walking there... But now I do.. It's calm and peaceful.. Accompanied by the sounds of fountains and fishes...

Reaching there.. I parked at the very similar spot.. Walked the same path... The very memorable path... Saw scenes of people feeding fishes, jogging around and couples walking hand in hand.. All those memories came to live..

Looking at the spot where we used to sit.. It's still there but no longer available.. Smelling the scent of flowers and trees.. The freshness is still the same.. Viewing the scenery around.. Trees had grown.. Flowers had bloomed..

It has been a long time since I last walk there...

But I remember.. I remember the first time you brought me there after class.. I remember we used to hang around there before class start.. I remember the day when we walked from your house.. I remember bringing you there for breakfast.. I remember feeding the fishes with you.. I remember singing with you by the bench.. I remember them all..

I never forget.. Those moments I had with you.. But now moments are left memories.. That's what I said before..


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