The sun today rises from WesT!

Haha! Yes. You didn't read wrongly. The sun indeed rises from the West side today. Why? I'll list out the reasons:

1. I woke up at 7am on a Sunday morning! Mum said "wa...first time so early wake up on sunday oh!!" -_-'''
2. Ah Han actually woke up as early as me! To go jogging somemore! A piggy like him actually wakes up this early?!? And jogged???
3. Kelly told me she made mango pudding! Herm...first time I hear..Hehe =P
4. Yang told me he cleaned his room!!!! Gosh! He's laZy I say?? Cleans room? Now who would believe that! Haha!
5. Henry comes and chat with me? Haha! That is kinda rare though. Cos whenever he's online, he just 'pai sui' there only. Never 'hiu' people de. Haha!

Ok. Now is 4.15pm. Let's see til tonight how many weird things will happen again. Haha! Tata~ Enjoy your day people~


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