My journey yesterday begins like this...

Sent mummy to work then went to aunt's house for breakfast. After breakfast, I left my bro at aunt's house and went to this lau ah pek's house with my cousin. Purpose? To heal my ankle. Aiya! I lazy wana explain why la. The effect I got from the healing is just all pain! GrRrr!!

Then back at my aunt's house, to send my cousin home la. My bro was still there. He was suppose to be at my another aunt's house but that aunt wasn't there to pick him yet. He came complain to me. Haha! So I sent him over to the other aunt's house lor. Dropped him there, I went to another aunt's house again. Mm..So many aunties. Hahaha!

I went to find my cousin Chee. She's gonna teach me how to dance. Hehe =D Last Monday was the hip hop's first class but I didn't go cos of OT. Chee went bah. So she has to teach me first few steps lor. Hehehe =) We learnt for about 2hours I think. Starting sure hard la. My body seems to stiff. LoLx! But now I manage to catch it dy. Heee~

After the dancing, we had lunch and watched Final Destination 3. Scary! And yucky! Haha! Then I was like complaining that I got no where to go and nothing to do. Haha! So we end up going out with Siong and Hui. Yang was suppose to go too. But he airplane me. AGAIN!!!

We were to meet at Point One @ BDC. When me and Chee reached there, Siong wasn't there yet. So we went to look around boutiques. I bought a new jeans skirt. Heee~
This skirt cost me RM35. Not bad la the price I think. And I love it!!! Been wanting a jeans skirt like this. My previous one was of brighter color which I'm starting to dislike it. Hahaha!

When Siong arrived, he called and we went to meet them. I had wheat grass. Again! We chit-chatted til around 5.30 then I sent Chee home. Before sending her home I went to buy KFC. Not exactly buy la. Cos it's free. Haha! Got few free coupons from my 2nd aunt. Hehe =)

After sending Chee home I went to pick my bro lor. Yang sms me to asked me out for movie at night. But I can't. He's funny la. He said either ask my mum to send me there or I go pick him. Ish! He's the one who wants to ask me out yet want me to go on my own??? Weirdz! I rejected and came home. So tired dy ler.

Slept for 11hours and now my whole body is aching due to yesterday's dancing. Haha! But serves me right. Cos I never exercise. Haha! Til then~


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