Aurelia's birthday~

Last saturday I brought Aurelia to Secret Recipe to celebrate her birthday. Her birthday isn't on 1st Sept la. It's 3rd Sept. But 3rd Sept falls on Monday which means working day so I can't go out.

I picked her up after bringing bro to tuition. Biasalah! Reaching Secret Recipe, the sky suddenly rain. Haha! We went in, looked for seats and sat down. (-_-).... It was COLD! The aircon was directly at us! LoL! We quickly change seat. Haha!

Menu came and we ordered two cakes two drinks. Sure la. Two people bah.
Aurelia ordered Chocolate Fudge cake.
And I ordered Moist Chocolate Cake. Both choc cake. Haha!
This is my Hot Chocolate. Choc again! Choc lover bah! Haha!

We talked a lot that noon. Lots of stories here and there. Hehe =) Haven't been out with her for ages! We didn't take any pics of ourselves cos was too busy gossiping. LoL! Nothing much about that day. Just Secret Recipe~

Oh! Kelly wrote a small card and asked me to pass to Aurelia. Know what she says when she read? Hehehe... Kelly's handwriting is too small. And the only sentence she manage to read was "I still owe u a present". LoL! I am to post this cos that's what she said. Message to Kel bah. Hahaha! Kel kel, next time write bigger la. Haha!

HaPpY 16th BiRthdAy AuReLiA~!~!~!


ahlost said…
Aurelia said…
Hahaha.. Thanks so much!!!! Love ya lots!!!! *hugs*
Aurelia said…
hahaha. Thanks so much pep! Thank you ahlost for the wish...

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