Awal Ramadhan food market~

Yesterday finally is Awal Ramadhan. market behind office! Hehe... And also means, traffic jam at Satok area. Haha! I took lots of pic oh!!
Just look at the jam beside office. Caught a nice BMW. Hehe =D
Wa!! Even main road also long queue! The cars all go kelam-kabut! Haha!
See! Even the JPJ people also come here direct the cars. LoLx!
Everyone rushing here and there. Haha!
I went to the market too! With my colleagues after work. Hehe =) Just look at the people there!
I was crushed like sandwich! LoLx! It was hot, humid, sticky....Yuck! Haha! But lots of nice nice food!!!
Mm...I don't know what is this oh. I did ate a piece. Not bad la.
This is my mum's fav. Peng hu! Haha! In english don't know! =P
I just simply take pics. Don't know what's inside the wrapping stuff. Haha! There's curry, lamb, beef and lots lots more!
This I'm not mistaken it's lamb meat. Hehe =)
I was very curious about this. Still am curious about it! Greenish drinks. Hehe..
This is fish! Not my mum's peng hu. It's some other kind of fish. Hiakz!
YuM~!~!~! Layered cakes~!~!~! Looks delicious yummy tasty!!! Yum~!~! Wish to get my hand on them!
Hahaha! Nice nice ais kacang hanging at a small small arch. Hiakz! See the aunty there? She wana hang another one. Heee~ I'm heading to buy ais kacang later~
Here we have chicken wings...drumsticks...and I don't know what else. Forgot dy. Haha!
Fried rice, fried beehoon and lots more! All spicy!
Presenting~~ Keropok Lekor!!! Nice fried keropok lekor~
Lots and lots of keropok lekor~~~ But I didn't buy any. Haha!
Wuiseh! The seller frying the keropok lekor. Nice oh! The nice nice smell all comes out when he was turning the keropok lekor. Haha!
Er...some kinds of packed keropok. Heee~
Hahaha! I just took this pic minutes ago. There's a clown! See the yellow hat orange shirt human? Haha! He was blowing balloons eh. Me want balloons!!!
A closer view. Haha! Ngey ngey ai du tiok! Me want balloons!!!
Anyway, to all my Malay friends, Happy Awal Ramadhan! that how I wish u people? LoLx!


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