Clutch bag

FYI: This post is very outdated. Hahaha! I bought this clutch bag days ago and didn't upload it til tonight. Don't have time bah. *konon* Hehehee =P

Anyway, I bought this clutch bag at Jenny Boutique. Cost me RM33 only. Reasonable for me. It's actually not yellowish la. It's goldish. I kinda like the leather part though it's fake. LoL! And I like the Guess sign. The inside got lots of compartment. Suits me too. Hehe =D

Why I bought this clutch bag? At first thought wana use it to dinner on Friday(last night). But the dinner was cancelled so didn't get to use it lor. This clutch bag only suits dinner use la. It's handy. And blingy enough for dinner. Haha! Finally got my own dinner bag!

Am lovin' it!!!


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