Cute cute Ashtray

Just now during lunch hour, I went to school to pick my bro and a lil kid. Er, malas wana explain who is he la. Anyway, I brought them back to my mum's office. After dropping them down, I walked over to a nearby shop. I wana buy birthday present for an old friend, Ah How. Hehe =)

It's his birthday tomorrow. Just contacted him back yesterday. Haha! What a friend I am! I bought him a very cute ashtray. It's called Mr P Propaganda. Heee~
The cute ashtray with thumbs up! Haha!
It's as though I'm encouraging him to smoke more! Bad la me. Hahaha!

There's still another type of ashtray. It's the shape of a toilet bowl. Haha! But I don't see it nice so I bought this one. Hope he'll like it.

More upcoming events!

14th Sept - Ah How's birthday dinner
20th Sept - SME @ Hilton
21st, 22nd, 23rd Sept - Team Building
29th, 30th Sept - Permai with friends (not confirm yet)

Haha! Busy busy me!!!


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