Earth Dance

Last night I went for my first lesson at Earth Dance. It was filled with fun! I joined hip hop class. I went with my cousin Chee and her bf Siang. Siang drove us there. It's actually the second class dy. I didn't go for the first class cos I had OT last Monday. But Chee had taught me the dance steps. Hehe =)

Reaching there, we were a lil late. They started without us dy. Students in that class are all girls. They all seem so small la. I felt so gigantic. Hahaha!

We learned new song last night. I don't know the name neither the singer. Haha! It was really tiring la. But of course it was fun at the same time. Heee~

Class finish around 8.30pm. Then we chit chat there with teacher til around 9pm. Siang and Chee said wana go for supper. So I called Siong to go as well. I don't want be bulb bah. LoLx!!! We went to Jalan Song to eat. The two of them ordered food but I did not cos wasn't hungry. Siong arrived quite late oh. We had lots of fun there as well. Jokes and laughter.

Around 10.35pm my hp rang dy. Surely it's my mummy. Haha! Time to go home lor. So Siang sent Chee and me home. Siong stayed at Jalan Song with Ah Boy, Deedoo and Melvin. I reached home, feeling very tired. Took my bath and travelled to dreamland. Hehe =)

Earth Dance is great!!!


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