Gift from beloved Granduncle =)

My granduncle went to Shenzhen and Hong Kong last week. He just came back last Saturday. And he bought lots of gift for us back at office. Hehe =)

He bought 3 necklacess, 4 bracelets and 4 jade bangles. So nice of him =D Ms Chan and I chose bracelets. While the other 4 clerks had jade bangles each. The rest were to be given to the GSMs.

Really nice la. Still can't stop smiling. Heee~ Where else can you find such good granduncle? Hiakz!
Yao Dong Jewellery. Hiakz! Gift from ShenZhen.
This is the bracelet I chose. It has stars, flowers and a small crystal ball. Cute!
Haha! Am lovin' this bracelet!!!

Thank you Granduncle!! Hugs!!


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