PCE Exam Result Out!


I passed my PCE exam!!!! Hahaha! PCE is my insurance exam la. Hehehe =D

Was sOo nervous just now when my colleague helped me check the exam. I've been checking it for days yet the result was still pending. Then just now noon when I didn't check, Thian called Ms Chan to tell about Melissa and Robert's result. I was like 'oh shit! result's out!' Hahaha! Damn nervous ah!!!

But then leh...tada! I passed! Wahahahahahaha!!!! Feel like eating something good tonight. Hehehe =D Smile til Big BiG!!!

Yang was asking me about me result two days ago, yesterday and today. Then just now when I know my result, I msged him and told him that I failed. LoLx~ His reaction was 'Give me your ic num, I wana see'. Hahahaha!!! But I didn't give. And til now I stil haven't tell him that I actually passed! Kekeke~

I aM hApPy tOdAy~!~!~!~!


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