SME and Mooncake Fest @ Carpenter Street

Hello everyone!!! I'm back!!! From Team Building Program at Camp Permai. I had lots of fun and experience. Ok ok. This post isn't about Team Building. Will post it later. This is about last Thursday at Hilton. The Small and Medium Enterprise Seminar whereby Gao Ling Fung came here to give speech.

I was on duty that day at Hilton. Went there in the morning with 4 other clerks from different agency. We reached there and helped the set up. The seminar started around 12pm. Me and Sze Sze were to distribute wristband to people who came with ticket. Was a lil kelam-kabut. Hehe =D A professor start the seminar first. Gao Ling Fung was having lunch somewhere in Hilton. Haha!

We had teabreak around 2pm. They were served with food and drinks. Just some cakes, bread, currypuff, coffee and tea. We clerks didn't get to eat of course la. Serve them first bah. When they went in the hallf then we eat the leftovers. Kesian hor? LoLx!! But still got a lot left. Haha! After teabreak at 3pm, he finally appeared.

Wearing all white, with a sunglass and dyed hair. He walked in using the backdoor which is near the registration table. Hehe =) So I get to see him up close. Hahahaha!

I didn't really go in to hear what he said. I know he did sing some of his songs and gave opportunity for people to ask 3 question. Those 3 who asked him question were given free original CD.

This is the pic of Gao Ling Fung which I took. He was singing there. Haha!
This is us. 5 clerks from different agency. LSLam, YSL, KSH and KYK agency.
Hehehe =D My granduncle Mr Kuang and Gao Ling Fung. Got this pic from Ms Yeo. Hiakz!

After the seminar, everyone rushed to take pic with Gao Ling Fung. We did too but pic not yet give us. Hehe =) I did pass a bouquet of flowers to him. But not on stage la. It's behind stage dy. Hahaha! Cos my granduncle was holding his flower which he signed something. Then my granduncle pass the bouquet of flowers to me. And that's how I got the opportunity to pass the flower to him. Wahahahaha! Shiok sendiri! LoLx!!

After cleaned up everything at Hilton, we all came back to office. My mum picked me up and we three went to Carpenter Street. Every year near Mooncake Festival there will be stalls set up which sell lots of stuff. I like going there cos walking in the street, you'll feel like you're in China (though I've never been to China) LoLx!!!

This pic was taken at the Bonsai Garden. They always have the bonsai plant competition. It's very beautiful. Big lanterns, fountains and lots of beautiful bonsais. Eeek! Sounds weird looking at the spelling. Hahaha!
These are the trophies and plaques. Won by the owner of the bonsais I think. Not quite sure.

After strolling through the garden, we went to the stalls. Food~~ Hahaha!
Nice cute lil lanterns. I remember those days when I use to have a dragon lantern. Born in the year of dragon bah. Hahaha! I think I still have it with me =P
A snap of how the street is like. Oh ya! The fest started last Wed night I think. And if I'm not sure it's til tomorrow night.
The beautiful arch..
Remember this?? Hehehe =) I like to play this thing. Used to play it at the staircase. Let it bounce down from above. Hahaha!
Some kind of mooncake. Never try before but mummy said not nice so didn't buy. Haha!
This is sOo CUTE!!! Piggy!!! Hahaha! Mummy bought this one. Hehe =D She said later before eat it still need to apologize first. Hahahaha!
I met Justin there. He was on duty as the Celcom promoter. Hahaha!
Then we came to this stall. This guy was making mooncake LIVE!!! Gosh! Even the reporter kept snapping pics of him making the mooncakes and asked for his name. I think he's gonna be in newspaper. Hahaha!
He was making this kind of mooncake called 'Ping Pi Yue Ping'. Direct translation is Ice Skin Mooncake. Hahaha!
Nothing much liaw lor. Just went home after that.
Hahahahaha! This bun got nothing to do with any of the occasion above. This bun is from my uncle's birthday celebration at Lok Thian last Tuesday. I see so cute bah. Never see before. Hahaha!
That's all. As for the Team Building. When I free la. Haha! Tata~


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