Songs dedication~

Hmm....I just felt like dedicating some songs to some people. Dedicating songs from my Imeem playlist. I uploaded those songs with purposes. Hehe =)

1. Wei Shen Me Xiang Ai De Ren Bu Nen Zai Yi Qi - Zheng Yuan
# Dedicated to Yang

2. Lian Shan Bo & Juliet - Gary Chao
# Dedicated to Siong

3. Fen Xiang - Sky Wu
# Dedicated to all Team Building students year 2007

4. Ying Xing De Chi Pang - Angela
# Dedicated to all KYK agents and clerks

5. Bu Shi Bu Xiang - Hu Yen Bing
# Dedicated to Kelly

6. Lian ai ING - Wu Yue Tian
# Dedicated to Rose

Hope you guys enjoy all the songs in my playlist =)


ahlost said…
wow... got special dedication for me... *touched*

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