Team Building Day 1

Finally I'm in the mood to blog about Team Building. Hahaha! I've been complaining by ahlost lor. Hahaha! These are just pics from my camera. Didn't take many cos very busy so camera just left in room. Hiakz!

Around 10.30am at office. We departed. Me, Fung, Sze and Lian followed Alan's car to Camp Permai. We're the first to reach around 11smth. We were there quite long til the rest came.
This is Sze with our luggage. Hahaha! We brought quite a few bags cos girls bah. And also we brought foods. Hahaha!
Oh well...the usual me. Play around with my camera. Hiakz! There you have Alan, Fung, Lian and Sze. We're all so bored lea.
Heee~ Alan helped us took this pic. Nice? Of course! Who's in the pics worh. Hahaha!
Then! They finally arrived in Kee Leong's car. This is just the second car. Still got few more haven't arrive. There we have Amy, Simon, Tak and Kee Leong. Haha! Fern and Robert were somewhere else. One smoking one looking at pictures. Haha!
This is Amy and Simon. He was trying to trick her with the cigarettes box. Hahaha!
Then when the rest finally arrived. We all went to our cabin. Teacher Soon with the commitees were in Cabin 14. Girls in Cabin 15 while guys in Cabin 16. There were 2 rooms in each cabin. Each room have 3beds. Fung, Sze and Lian shared a room while me, Fern and Yian shared one.
We were given orders to meet at Training Room at 2pm if I'm not mistaken la. In class we all sat down lor. There were 15 students. We were divided into 3teams; Leopard, Dolphin and Whale. I was in the Leopard team. My teammates were Lester, Simon, Amy and Lian.
Then again 14 of us (exclude Amy for certain reason) were divided into 2teams; Team A and Team B. I was in Team B. My teammates in Team B were Lester, Simon, Alan, Alex, Fung and Fern. 7 people in a team la.
Firstly we had indoor activities. Introduce ourselves lor. Then we were given 2 sets of 1000pieces puzzles. Team A and Team B each get one. We were to hand in the puzzle on the last day which is Sunday, which means we were given 3days 2nights to finish it. When in class, we were like students in school. Haha! We also sing and dance together. Heee~
Then we head over to the activities area. During outdoor activities, we were separate into Team A and Team B. First activity we had was those they had in the National Service. We had lots of obstacles to go through. We were given a wood. The instructor said it's called King. Haha! Anyway, that King helped us a lot while going through the obstacles but with a condition, the King cannot touch anything else besides human. No plant no ground no ropes. Nothing but us. So have to be very careful lor.
My team has bigger size members so it's tougher for us. BUT! Nothing is impossible. We manage to go through each and every obstacles. That's why it's called Team Building. Hehe =) I'm the lightest in my team so most of the time I was the one being carried through the obstacles eg: through small rings. Hahahaha! This activity is really challenging I think. It takes not only teamwork but also strategy and mindset. Hiakz! Everyone got injured in this activity. Hahaha! I injured myself at my elbow and my legs are full of bruises.
After the activity, we all went back to our room to clean up. We were only given 1hour I think. So we had to rush. Dinner being served at 7pm. We were also told to wear long sleeves shirt and long pants. And I said I didn't bring any! They said nevermind if don't have =/
This was back in room. Fern and Yian shared room wit me. We were getting ready for the night.

I don't have any long pants. And they all offered me! So nice of them! *hugs you all* At last I wore Yian's pants. Hahaha! I didn't wear long sleeves shirt la. Not comfortable ma. Hehe =D Then we head to dinner at the cafeteria. After dinner we went to training room again. We started bit of our puzzle.

Then at 9pm we gathered outside training room. We were to stand in a line. Guys and girls standing alternately. I was standing right in the middle. 7people at my left and right. I had Simon at my left and James at my right. We thought the instructor is gonna bring us for a night walk into the forest. Feeling so excited. Hahaha! Instruction given were: Do not call your friend's name, do not shout and pray if anything happens. We did prayed before going in. We were given passcode which is 'pen' and 'book'. If wana look for friend then we shall call 'pen' and if the opponent replied 'book' then that's your friend. Hahahaha!

And so we depart! Starting from my left. Sze was the first one behind the instructor. We had 2 instructors. One front one back. Simon was walking in front of me and James was behind. Heading into the forest filled with darkness. Kinda scared at that time. I held on to Simon the whole time. Hahaha!

After walking quite a distance, suddenly I felt someone pat my shoulder. I turned around to see the instructor was behind me. And he's the ONLY one behind me! Which means the rest of the 7 people was gone! Gosh! The instructor asked me to sit down at a corner he pointed. Oh my!

After I sat down, the rest of the 7people in front of me continued to walk. Brrr!!! I was SOOO SCARED!!!!!! I was left ALONE in the dark forest! I tried to look for the moon but see nothing! The sky was all covered by the trees which means total no light! Terrified! I closed my eyes, clapsed my hand and prayed hard! My heart was beating sOo fast! Haha!

I don't know how long I sat there. Til....erm....there was some incident happened. I don't wana say la. But upon personal request I might consider. Hahaha! Anyway, cos of the incident, my seat got changed.

This time I can see the sky. It wasn't as dark as before. I was more calm la. Just by bit. Hahaha! Still am terrified. Anyway, again I prayed hard to God. I prayed the whole Rosary. Hehe =) And I tried to focus my mind on God and my loved ones lor. I tried hard to calm myself down and clear my mind but it's really hard. I felt insects at my arms and my back but I didn't bother though it was damn itchy! Hahaha! Don't dare to do anything to it cos don't know what is it. I just pray and pray and pray. Haha!

The time seem to pass very slow. Then suddenly I hear people. Not only one but many. Many people's voices and I opened my eyes. Saw lights at my right side. Quite far away la. But can see torch lights. They came closer and I was sOo happy! Hahaha! They're the 7people ahead of me with the instructors. Then we all went to find the rest and walked out of the forest.

I felt so much relieved when we reached outside and saw Fung Sian ee, Fung Lei jiu and Kee Leong. Hahaha! We then went into training room. Sat in a circle on the floor and shared about our experience in the forest. Surely everyone was afraid at first. But some of them manage to calm themselves down and think of stuff.

I know many of you sure will ask what's the purpose of this game. It's actually to prepare us for the future. If something like this happens, what shall we do. It's also to give us some time alone and quiet to think of stuff. As for me, it's a very terrifying experience. Haha!

After the sharing, it's around 12am dy. Teacher, Sian ee, uncle Lei and uncle Leong went back to their cabin to rest while we 15students stayed in class cos wana finish our puzzles. Haha! We were there til around 2.30am and went back to cabin to sleep. I remember I slept around 3am.

A day filled with fun and a night filled with experience...

I'll blog bout Day 2 maybe later. When I was about to sleep at first night, I was there thinking, what are we gonna have tomorrow? Another day filled with challenge? Haha! Till then~


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