Finally I'm updating my blog. Been complained by someone dy. Hahaha! Let's begin with Merdeka Day.

Early morning I brought my mummy to work then brought bro and his friend, Justin to my aunty's house at 4th mile. I stayed there for awhile to chat with my cousin, Yin. She will be leaving the next day for further studies at Nanjing, China. So far la. Bit worried here cos she go by herself. I mean, none of her parents accompany her there. Not even relatives. Sigh.. Anyway, around 10am I left.

Went to Kelly's house to pick her. But the time was still early. So we both kepo kepo gossip gossip and of course, camwhore. Haha!
Then around 11am we left. She said bored bah at home. Haha! True also. So we went for drinks at...urm...Central Road? I think so. Aiya. Asal its Wei's saloon's next door kopitiam. LoLx! We drank and chatted. There were pictures of foods paste at the walls. I mean in the kopitiam. They all look so yummy. Probably next time go there eat. Hehe =D

After drinks, we head over to Zhi Wei. It was only 12pm. Our reunion lunch was at 12.30pm. So seeing no one arrive yet. We went to shop around. Went to this nearby boutique. Called Vision Boutique. The clothes there nice oh! (^o^) The bags are nice too! My hands were so itchy. Haha! But I stopped myself cos I know this month I'm gonna spend a lot. So need to save. Hehehe =D

Now, reunion lunch. I called for a reunion lunch for 7people. Ex-teresians. Ex-5A1 kids. Haha!

Venue: Zhi Wei
Time: 12.30pm
Attendee: Me, Kel, Adelle, Alice, Jeslyn, Ik Ching and Evelyn

Everyone arrived. And the chit-chatting begins. The whole of Zhi Wei was filled with out jokes and laughter! Hahaha!

I ordered Wheat Grass. Same with Alice. Hehe =) As for the food, I ordered sweet sour chicken rice. The quantity was so little! Gosh! I wasn't even full. We did ordered fried dumplings too. Not bad la. But I still prefer Jade Pot's. Hehe =)
I was playing with my camera while they order. Haha! From left to right: Adelle, Jeslyn, the waitress(haha!), Alice and Ik Ching.
No one knows I was taking their pics. Good photographer am I not? Teeheehee~ In the pic above were the waitress (again!), Alice, Ik Ching and Kelly.
And in this pic were Evelyn, Adelle, Jeslyn AND the waitress AGAIN!!! LoL!

After lunch, we all head over to Hock Lee. It was sure fun driving in a group. Heee~ Jeslyn didn't make it to Hock Lee with us. She got stuff to do. Then awhile later Evelyn and Ik Ching went home too. Cos Ik Ching's mum called. Haha! Sad sad. Left me, Kel, Alice and Adelle.

Then after awhile at Hock Lee. We head over to Sarawak Plaza and Tun Jugah. Oh! And also Centrepoint. Haha! At Centrepoint, me and Kel came to this shop. Sells clothes and shoes and bags. Then Kel spot the salesgirl. It's Shirley of our sch last time. Haha! Not salesgirl la her. She was just helping out at her sis's shop. Then Kelly saw few white t-shirts. With cute cute graphics and wordings. I go see also lor. And end up buying one lor. Bought the same one with Kelly. Only cost RM20. The actual price is RM22.90 but we bought two at the same time so got discount. Hehe =)

It comes with a container. Cute right? The small tee outside is exactly alike with the tee inside. Hehe =)
Tada~ JUST SAY NO! No smoking, No drinking, No grambling, No playboying! Hahaha!

After all the shoppings, I sent Kelly home. Stayed awhile at her house and left to pick bro and mum. At night we went to BDC to dine. I mean me, bro, bro's friend Justin and mummy. We went to this newly open restaurant called Four Springs. The food there not bad oh! The price quite reasonable too. Never judge a book by its cover. Haha!

This is my Japanese Green Tea. I'm loving green tea and wheat grass. Don't know why. Haha!
This is my bro's...er....milk tea I think. Forgot the name dy. Hehe =)
And this is my sweet sour fish fillet. YuM! My tummy was filled with sweet sour on Merdeka Day. Hahaha!
After dinner we went walk walk at BDC Everrise. I bought a ring. No pics. Hehe.. That's all for my Merdeka Day. Happy belated Merdeka Day to everyone!
FYI: My nicely-planned dinner was cancelled due to some reasons.


Sharon^Kyoko said…
Eh, your t-shirt so cute ler. Centre point which shop? haha. long long time din go centre point oredi. hahaha!
he also got a t-shirt with container like yours, from my sis, but the design on the shirt is diff. lolx. so cun.

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