What Is You Look?

What you wear can say a lot about how you feel: "Demure? Coy? Free spirited? Flirty? You can express all these things with your physical appearance"

Romantic: soft, sensual and downright sexy

-Silk blouses
-Floral sundresses
-Off-the-shoulder peasant blouses
-Flowing skirts
-Soft colours: pink, rose, lavender

-Cashmere sweaters
-Well-tailored suits
-Fine corduroy shirts
-Lightweight wool slacks
-Muted colours: evergreen, baby blue, pale yellow, tan

Natural: keeping it simple

-Soft T-shirts
-Khaki slacks
-Linen dresses or skirts
-Cut-offs made from worn jeans
-Earth-tone colours: taupe, sage, sky blue, brown

-T-shirts or tanks
-Faded, worn, comfortable blue jeans
-Soft flannel shirts
-Unlined cotton or linen blazers
-Classic colours: navy, white, tan

Flirtatious: guess what I've got underneath?

-Sheer blouses
-Long, formfitting skirts with slit up the side or in the back
-Low-back dresses
-Warm colours: cranberry red, deep ocean blue

-Button-down shirts
-Tight blue jeans
-Formfitting T-shirts
-V-neck shirts and sweaters
-Warm or mildly bold colours: royal blue, berry red

Erotic: a devil in leather pants

-Leather anything
-Animal prints (leopard especially)
-Tight, short skirts
-Formfitting, low-cut tops, maybe with some kind of extra sexy detail like lace
-Black, black, black and red

-Tight black jeans
-Leather pants
-Leather jacket (a staple)
-Tight-fitting shirts
-Black, black, black (but no red, thankfuly)


Sharon said…
Haha. i know where u got this one.. from CLEO.. right?? Just read it this evening.. ^^ Avril's songs very nice, especially this song -- When you're gone.

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