Hair Cut

Last Saturday I went for haircut with Aurelia at a saloon at Tabuan area. Don't wana reveal the name la. Hehe =) Was....erm....ok la. Bit bit satisfied bit bit not la. With my new hair. Someone commented said a bit weird lor. Sobs... Nvm. Let you guys judge and tell me more. Hehe =)



See any difference? Hahaha! Just a lil shorter and straighter...and...fringe? Funny I know. Blah~ I wana go fun fair!!! See maybe this week can go or not. Hehe =D Oh! About yesterday, I slept for 11hours!!! Muahahaha! I went home after work. Went to bath. Then around 6smth I fell asleep at living room. Til 9 smth my mami woke me up asked me to go room to sleep. And I continued to sleep ti 6am this morning. Hahaha! Piggy me! Darling told me he was sick too. Wonder how is he now leh.. =( Gonna call him many people is sick ler. So sad...


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