I'm feeling so lazy to blog these days. Heee~ Updates? I've been busy busy with work. I started doing sales dy. So, busy busy learning about the plans and how to sell lor. I shopped quite a lot too. Bought a new pair of white heels which cost me RM39.

My dad just came back from KL too. And tonight we'll be having dinner at Mian Ann at Petanak. It's my cousin's baby's fullmoon dinner. Hehe =D

Yesterday I thought I was gonna travel to China for the whole day (you know what I mean). But then I end up with whole day program. Went to cousin's house early morning (dad and bro went back kampung and I don't wana follow). Me and cousin Chee practice dancing in the morning. Then lunch with Gracie at somewhere near Sekama. We went Crown Square and Hock Lee after lunch. Went Travillion too. Around 3 smth we went over to Kenyalang. Siong joined us for tea. Deedoo came along too.

After that, me, Chee and Gracie went to sunday market cos Gracie wana buy souvenirs for friends. Then we sent Gracie to Chonglin Plaza and had dinner at Chee's house.

At night, went to pick Gracie again. Her bro Arthur followed us too. We went to pick cousin Ing. She just came back from KL for hols. Went over to Coralium. A new place to dine. Not bad. Quite hommy look. Very comfy. Met up with Nai Ma, Li Ming, Chang Jiet and another guy. Around 10pm Chee sent me home. That's all for the day~

Another post will be up later~ Cheers~

Happy Raya to all my Malay friends and readers!


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