"What you feel, only matters to you..It's what you do to the people you love, that counts"

I got the quote above from Selm's blog. Was reading the post and it reminds me of something. Something I wana do but not yet start. Something I wana do to break my fear. Something I wana achieve to make my mum proud. Something different in my family.

I wana be different from my family. I wana stand out. Not to be a follower but a seeker for something new.

Like many people, I too am afraid that I might regret not doing something exciting now. I mean, I'm still so young. Do I wana continue just doing admin work? No way! I wana try something fun.

One of my colleague once told us. She said she's a lil regret for staying at the same office for over 20years. But she's amazing isn't she? She manage to be so loyal. Unlike many other employees. And now, without her in office, we're always very lost. Haha! Dependant some might say. But anyhow, we still need her.

Ok. I don't know what I'm crapping here. Get what you get. Get nothing then don't take. Haha! It's the quote that matters in this post. Good luck people! Do something you like now rather than regretting it at your later age.


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