Hmm..What do you guys think about Sony Vaio Notebook? I suddenly love 'em so much! Haha! I love the sleek design and the colours. They came in a variety of colours. Black, silver, which, green, pink and lots more. I'm not quite sure about the details though. Sony Vaio Notebook is gonna be in my wishlist from now on. Hehe =D
5 colours here. Black looks cool. Silver looks simple. White seems pure. Green looks natural. Pink looks girly. Which one is nice? Hehe =)
They still offer lots of flowery designs.I like the pink ones. Hehehe =)
Luxury Pink! Suits girls! Hahaha! But this isn't my fav. Third fav I say.
Glacier Blue! Mainly for guys. I think my bro will love this.
Spring Green! Made me thought of green apples. Hahaha! I quite like this color too. Too many colours to choose! Hahaha!

I FOUND THIS!!!!!! *drOoLs~~~* THIS is what I'm gonna aim for!!! Maroon Red! My favourite of all colours! Wana start saving money now. Hihihi =D...


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