Team Building Day 1 pics

Finally pictures are up! But these are just day 1 pics. Still have lots more behind. Hehe =) Most of the pics below are of my team. Sure la. I know how to explain ma. And more pics of me ma. Hahaha!
This is our classroom.
Uncle Fung Lei with Teacher Soon.
Left to right: James, Gordon, me, Sze and Fung
Hahaha! We're dancing. It's erm...a song called 'Xiang Qian Chong'.
Haha! Nice pose teacher! See Uncle Fung Lei video-caming behind. Hehe
Teacher looks so happy leh. He's really a good man. Friendly caring and very successful!
This is Lester doing self-intro. Beginning of class bah. Everyone had to intro themselves lor.
This is Amy.
This is Simon.
This is Tak.
This is Fern.
Left to right: Mr Kuang, Uncle Fung Lei and Fung Sian Ee.
Hahahaha! My turn to intro myself.
This is Fung.
This is Sze.
This is Lian.
This is Gordon. Our Miri colleague.
This is James.
This is Alan. Just became daddy for a twin of boy and girl. Cool right? Congrats Alan!
This is Alex. Our new colleague.
This is Robert. Also new colleague.
This is Yian.
This was where we gather for the outdoor activity.
Uncle Fung Lei don't know doing what. Haha!
Fung Sian Ee taking care of our accessories.
Hahaha! A snap of Amy done by Uncle Kee Leong.
Still listening to instruction...
Presenting the 'King'. We keep calling it 'mu' and got scolded by the instructor. He said it's 'King'! Hahaha! But this instructor very friendly la. Hehe..He didn't scold la. Heee~
Why so many instructions???
Left Team B still listening to instructions. Aih...
Team B; First obstacle. Is to jump above the woods. Hehe
This is Team A. Leader is Gordon.
Team A; Their first obstacle. Climb up the monkey bars.
Team A; See two monkeys? Haha!
Team A; Wuiseh! Not bad not bad. Can climb up without help.
Team A; Presenting.....4 monkeys wearing clothes!!!
Team B; Second obstacle. Walk through the shaky plank wood.
Team B; Helping Fung to go through using the 'King'.
Team B; Kesian Lester and Alan. We're not suppose to hold Fung when she's on the plank wood.
Team A; Monkey Tak on the bar while monkey Gordon halfway hanging. Haha!
Team A; Tak: Ready...Set...Dive!
Team B; Alan and Simon had crossed the plank wood. Helping the rest to get through.
Team B; Fern's turn to get through.
Team B; Now Alex's turn.
Team B; Lester joined in. When he stand on the plank, it seem to go lower and not shaky. Hahaha! Cos of his weight I think.
Team B; Third obstacle. Balancing stool. Simon always take the lead cos he's our leader.
Team B; Me and Fern on queue.
Team B; Fung crossing through. Her balancing quite good oh~~
Team A; Second obstacle. Climb up the pyramid.
Team A; Halfway through their second obstacle. Leader Gordon on top of the pyramid enjoying the view. Haha!
Team B; Fourth obstacle. Crawl through a small passage filled with leaves, twigs, rocks and muds. Rule is to NOT touch any of those leaves and twigs. Now this is hard!
Team B; Fung crossing through with Fern helping her.
Team B; Fern dragging Fung out of the passage. Hahaha!
Team A; Still halfway through the pyramid.
Team B; Fifth obstacle. One foot on one stool. It's about balancing too.
Team B; Simon: I'm flying~!~!~!
Team A; Third obstacle. Tak carrying Lian. Don't misunderstand! It's just a game! Haha!
Team A; Look at Tak swinging Lian! Haha! Rule is, one person to be just in one tyre and go across to the other side. I wonder how Tak manage to jump to the fifth tyre.
Team A; Gordon carrying James! Hahaha!
Team A; And lastly Robert carried Sze!
Team A; Hahahahaha!!! Self-explanatory!
Team B; Sixth obstacle. Rule: One of the ring hole to be used for only two people. So choose one to be used for two people and the rest use the other ring hole. Simon go across first so he can help the rest to get through.
Team B; Alan got carried through the above ring hole. Haha!
Team B; And this is me! Hahaha! Being the lightest in the team. Sure I'm the one being carried through la. Hahaha!
Team A; Fourth obstacle. Jump through the ropes without touching anything but the top of the wood at both side.
Team A; Gordon helping Tak through the obstacle.
Team B; Seventh obstacle. Climb up the woods and slide down the hill. Hehe =) This one's easy.
Team B; Fung trying to balance herself. Hiakz! Go go Fung!
Team B; Fern, Alex, me and Simon. We're dutied to carry the 'King'. Haha!
Team B; Fung and Alan. Alan was......
Team B; Alan was stretching his hand to Fern la! Wana help her get up.
Team B; Alan helping Fung to get down. He crossed over to the front so can help Fung.
Team B; Passing the 'King' to the front. It helps alot lor. Look at Lester. So relax. Haha!
Team B; Eighth obstacle. Monkey bars. Team A's first obstacle.
A snap of Fung Sian Ee and Uncle Fung Lei. I really wonder how can Uncle Fung Lei climb up the pyramid on his own! But le. He used to be a scout. Hehe =)
Team B; The 'King' did helped us a lot in this game. Just look at how we make full use of it.
Team B; Helping Fung up~
Team B; Teamwork + hardwork = Success! Haha!
Team B; Bring out your full energy people!!!
Team B; 3 monkeys seen in clothes?!?
Team B; Simon, Fern and the instructor helping Fung to get down the monkey bar. Haiya this monkey. Knows how to climb up but don't know how to climb down. Haha! JK~
Team B; What are we doing???
Team B; Hahahahahaha! No 'King' dy bah. Passed up to them dy. So kesian Alex. Have to lend me his shoulder. Not to cry but to step! Hahaha!
Team B; Monkey Lester jumping down!!!
Team B; HurRay!!! Here comes monkey Alex!!!
Team A; Their turn to go through this obstacle. The two ring hole ones. Sze being carried through. Haha!
Team B; Nineth obstacle. The pyramid. Helping Fung getting up.
Team B; Tired but still able to smile, that's our Fern~ Cheers!
Team B; Me and Simon helping Lester to get up. He's not light ok. Hahaha!
Team B; Alan and Alex pulling me up. Hahaha!
Team B; Simon was trying to run up but he failed. So have to be pulled by Alan and Alex lor.
Team B; Lester and Fern pushing Alex up!
Team B; Fern and Lester pushing while Alan and Alex pulling! Hahaha!
Team B; Alo Fung~ Hahahaha!
Team B; Go Lester!
Team B; This is Fern.
Team B; We all can't help laughing the whole time. Hahaha!
Team B; And again, Simon was being pulled.
Team A; They finished all the obstacles dy ler. They won this game.
Team B; Tenth obstacle. The tyre. We did it in a different way. Wana know how?
Team B; Me giving ideas of how to go through. Wahahaha! Show-off cin! =D
Team B; And this is how we go through this obstacle. We each sit on the tyre and let the one passing through to step on our thigh. I sat at the middle ones so I wasn't stepped by anyone! Hahahaha! Smart me! =P
Team B; Why is Fern's face like that? Cos Fung is stepping on her. Hahaha! Still, we can't help but laugh all the time!
Team B; eleventh obstacle. Crawl underneath the webs. This is Alex.
Team B; This is Simon.
Team B; Fung's turn. She gotta go very slow. Hehe =)
Team B; Alex and Alan stopping in the middle so we can pass the 'King'. Haha! The 'King' is very sensitive. Can't touch anything but us, human. If touched anything besides us, we gotta start that particular obstacle all over again.
Team B; Lastly Fern and me. My feet cramped at that time. Haha!
Team B; Twelfth obstacle. Me, Fern and Simon carried Fung using the 'King' while Lester helped her down.
Team B; Alan doing high jump!
Team B; Games finished! All had lots of fun!! Hehee~
This was earlier on I think if I'm not mistaken la. An indoor game. Go through the hula-hoop.
Lester having hard time. Haha!
Tak started the game. He's quite bendable oh~
Simon's turn.
Now this is unique! Hahaha! Nice pose Robert!
This is us dancing. Hehe~ Teacher taught us the steps.
Why no one has the same moves???
Teacher can dance too!!! Though not young but he's VERY active!!!
Uncle Fung Lei dividing us into three teams. Whale, Dolphin and Leopard.
Singing and singing. This is at the evening dy. After dinner.
Sing and dance and claps~
Why so many pics of singing???
My team; Leopard.
Now, this was where we gather before going into the forest. Jeng jeng jeng!!!
Guys and girls standing alternately. Left to right: Fern, Tak, Yian, James, me, Simon, Lian, Alan, Fung and Lester. The rest not seen in pic. Hahaha!
Departing into the forest.........
This was taken after we came out from the forest.
Instructor telling us his thoughts about this game.
Back in classroom. We all sat down in a circle and did some sharing about the time when we're in the forest.
Fern sharing her story.
That's all for Day 1. After the sharing, commitees and teacher all went back to cabin. Left us students in class. We started with our puzzle.
Day 2 pics will be don't dare promise. Hehe =) Gotta wait til I'm free lor. Hiakz!


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