Team Building Day 2

FINALLY!!!! Team Building Day 2 pics are all up! hehe =D The previous night, we fix the puzzle til 3am then sleep. Haha! Woke up at 6am. Only 3 hours of sleep. We washed up and had breakfast. After breakfast we went for class.
My small small team. The Leopard team.
We were given a task. Build a company. We took the land express company. Simon as our designer. He draws very well oh~
After that we played games. This one is, teacher said right hand, you gotta do the opposite. Gotta lift your left hand. Haha!
After that game, we played another game. Indoor volleyball. Gotta hit the ball at least 20 times and can't let it fall to the ground.
We won this match!!! WeEeEeEe~~~
This is 7 hands 8 legs game. A really fun game to play. Haha!
Simply crash on Lester and Fung. Girls on Fung and guys on Lester. Kesian them. Haha!

Look at the girl power!!! We're the best!!! Hahahaha!!!
Hahaha! Improper structure! Simply step and climb. Hahahaha!!!
After games, we head over for lunch. Hehe =D
Lunch lunch lunch~~~
Food food food~~~
Group discussion. We were to make a shoutout for our team. Ours is 'Shan Zhu Chong! Chong chong chong!!!'
Here's the spider web game. One team at a side. Each team member gotta go through the web. Cannot touch any of the web. Hehe =) Tough game.
Once you touched the web, that particular hole will be closed for your team member.
Thinking thinking thinking.......
Team A won this game.
We all helped Lester to get through. Hiakz~
Now his turn to help me. Haha!
And again. I was being carried through. Hahaha!
Lastly, we helped Alex to get through. He's tough oh! Can go through on his own.
Instructor telling us our results and what mistake had we done. Hehe =)
Now this task, it's really fun! Though I didn't help much. Hahaha! We were to build our own raft using few ropes, woods and bins.
Girls bring bins...
Men carry woods....
Start work! Uncle Fung Lei helped us a lot in this task. He used to be a boy scout so he knows how to build. Hehe =)
I didn't do anything. Don't have the energy to tie the ropes. Haha!
So what did I do? I helped distribute the ropes lor! Hahaha!
Our well done raft!~!~!~!~! SoOo HAPPY ah!!!
Departing to the sea~ WeEeEe~~~
See the big waves? It's so fun!!! My first ride on a raft. I did paddled too! And I'd learnt the right way to paddle. Hehe =) My happy happy moment~!~!
Back to shore loo~~
Girls still onboard..Men pulled and pushed the raft. Hahaha!
All happy, some tired, some dizzy..Me? VERY HAPPY!!! Hahaha!
UrGh! Carrying back our raft. Gotta untie all the knots and put back all the stuff. Clean and tidy.
It's so heavy oh!!! We stopped few times halfway. Haha! All bo lat liu~
Fern rolling the bin. Haha! She's strong enough to carry it up!
Men at work. Haha!
Rolling rolling rolling....
Everyone cleaning up the ropes and woods.
We won this game~!~! WeEeEe~~~
At night after dinner we played another game. We all got blindfolded. Then got 6 task to go through. Only our team leader wasn't blindfold but he can't talk. He can't say anything. Just lead us. Hehe =)
Fern, Sze, Alan, James. Their leader is Tak.
Me! Hahaha! Lian, Amy and Simon behind me. Our leader is Lester.
Alex, Yian, Fung and Gordon. Their leader is Robert.
Hahahaha! Lian got separated from me.
This task is called going underground. Had to crawl under the table.
I'll let the pictures tell the story. Hehe =)
This one ah..I can't feel the chair. Don't dare to step. Then Lester go pull my leg. Hahaha!
Getting out from underneath the table.
This task is called mine. Cannot touch any of the things on the ground neither the chair at the side. This one's hard.
Dolphin team..
Snake walk. Hehe =)
Whale team. Climbing up chairs...Hahaha!
Pictures tell a thousand words....=D

Oops! This is my team.
See me underneath the table ma? Hehe =)
Back to Whale team.
Dolphin team...
My team...

Their snake walk turn...
Long long queue oh~ cos everyone got stucked at the mine area.
Hahahaha! Censored pic!

Hehehe =D
Hahahaha!!! I can't help laughing when see these pics!

What more can I explain? Hahaha!

Thinking how to go through? Hehe =)

Stopping to rest awhile? Hahaha!

Just see how long we all took to go through this mine task.
After this game, another session of class. Lights were off. Candles were lit. Papers and pencils were given. It's time to write love letter. We write anything we want to anyone we want. Whatever you wana said to the person.
Looks romantic oh~
Teacher Soon~
Nice right? Love it!

This is Amy...
This is me...

Can't really see hor? Too dark. Hehe =D
This is Tak...

This is Simon...
This is Lester...
This is Fung...
Brighter liaw!
Lights on + camera flash! Haha!
Lester's love letters. Hahaha!
Yay! Finish story of Day 2~!~! Lastly we won the puzzle!!!


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