Bloggers' BBQ @ my house - 25/11/07

Last Sunday night I organized a bbq gathering for bloggers @ skypers at my house. Lets see the details ya...

Venue: My house =)
Time: 6.30pm
Attendee: Pazuzu, Jimmy, Anna, Gladys, Eve, Tim and Ting

Suppose Rose and JF coming, but JF very busy so they didn't make it. Allen didn't wana come! Hmpf! FFK us! Frankie also didn't come due to fever. Kesian Frankie. Get well soon ya~

These two were the party starters. Hahaha! It's actually my bro's bbq party and I just tumpang kaki. But ah, he only invited ONE of his friend =.=''' Hahahaha!!!!
I sponsored chicken wings, Jimmy sponsored sausages while Anna and Gladys sponsored potatoes.
From left to right: Pazuzu, Tim and Eve. Looks like Tim's the only one panggang eh. Why the two of them just watch? Later we'll know...Oh! Tim! Sorry bout what happened to your eyes. Hope you're doing fine~ Cheers~
Now this is what's gonna happen. Pazuzu caught with sausage in hand! Susah susah Tim pengz you know. And you just stand there eat nia. Hahaha! Still Eve good good. Hehehe =D
Anna was being entertained by two 10 years old kids. Haha!
From left to right: Gladys, me and Anna. See that BIG KFC BUCKET???? Pazuzu bought it. And it's been with Anna since then. She claimed that it's all hers. Hahaha!
Eve memang kut latz! Thanks Eve~ But can I ask? Why no chicken wing nor sausages? Hehe =D
The cute couple of the night~ Tim and Ting~ WeEeEeEe~~~~
Anna oh Anna~ Had the whole bucket of KFC. Looks at her happy happy face. Haha!
The BBQ ended around 10.30pm. By 11pm everyone dy left. I had so much fun that night. Love you all! And thanks all for comin~ Hugs! Am looking forward to the next gathering. Hehe =)


gLaDieZz said…
Bila mau BBQ lagi? Gladys mau!
Eve! said…

Cry cry cry

No la...!your bro bully us
jimmychin said…
where's my pic...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
annna said…
lol.. best betul itu bbq. but i so butterfingers that nite! ahahahaha

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