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Last night us Skypers went for dinner at Sin Wan Jln Song. The time set was 7pm. But kesianz Tim waited for us all since 6.40pm. Haha! When I reached, Gladiezz was there dy. Then next is Eve brought two friends. And Ahlost came with JF.

I ordered chicken chop with mushroom sauce. I ate finish then the rest arrived. Late-comers! =P So they eat and I take pics lor!
JF? Why your chopsticks got nothing? Then what are you eating?
See da couple so nice. Eat nice nice food~ Garlic bread, mushroom soup, chicken rice and I don't know what JF eat. Hehe =D
Eve and her flen (forgot his name) hehe =D
I know your food veli nice. No need show face like that ma. See JF sOo busy ah. Hand taking noodle but still busy looking at something.
HaHaHahahA!!!! You know I know =D
I don't know what Eve was eating lea. Then I asked Gladiezz. She said it's SzeChuan Bee Hoon. Don't know. Never try before.
And Eve ate til her face becomes like that? Hahahha!
I wonder what are the two of them laughing at...and JF? Manyak makan oh~!~!
Hehehe =D Tim was playing with my camera ok. Caught me in action!
Doing this! The poor cucumber was cut into small pieces by me. Hahahha!
Tiam tiam look at right. Haiya. Eat ho ho lai la. Hahahaha!
Random pics~
Ho liaw! And lastly, Tim and Ting wasn't in pic cos.....I don't know why I didn't take their pics worh. Gladiezz banned me from posting her pic up! Jimmy the organizer WAS LATE! After all those hours I edy bo latz. So didn't take any pics lor. Ahlost and JF left earlier. Then followed by Eve and her flenz. And again left me, Tim and Gladiezz. Ting worked til 9pm then joined us too. Then itu tua-tauke ho! 9.30pm baru arrived! Konon organizerr! =D I left around 10pm-curfew. And I heard Pazuzu joined them later! Urgh! I missed some nice nice show! Kek si!
Suan le! Later still got time! Hahahaha!!!! Gladiezz oh Gladiezz~~~


Eve! said…
Waa....wat a shoot of me!
Eve! said…
wAAAA...wat a shoot of me

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