Bridal Fair @ Holiday Inn

Yesterday my schedule was fully packed! Haha! 7 early 8 early chatting at Skype. Heard there's a bridal fair over at Holiday Inn in the noon. I've always wanted to go bridal fair but never did. So this time MUST NOT miss! We skypers had a lunch gathering at 12.30pm @ Four Spring. I don't know who are going cos some of them work. I went with my bro first lor.

Reaching there, we both waited SOOOOO LONG just for the waiter/waitress to take our menu. They're like so out of workers. Hahaha! Sitting there nothing to do, I took out my camera. Noticed something. Something nice for me la! Is that, Four Spring's interior color. So colourful~

Here you can see green and teal. I like the lightings too~
And here you can see green, teal and pink! So contrast!

This! Haha! When you walk in Four Spring, you'll see this set of culinary on every table. But ah! The weird thing is that, when your food is here, they'll give you a set of spoon and fork. Hahaha!
I ordered Japanese Green Tea and the Soya Milk is my bro's.
Yummy~~~ My sweet sour fish fillet AGAIN!!! My bro had salted fish fried rice. After awhile, Jimmy arrived. Then came along Pazuzu. Then Allen. While they're all eating, I brought my bro to his friend's house. Then went back to Four Spring to meet them. Tim called said wana join us. He arrived with gf, Ting. After lunch, we all head over to Holiday Inn~ The Bridal Fair~
When I reached Holiday Inn, Pazuzu, Allen and Tim was there. Ting went to work. Jimmy went to pick Irene. When they all arrived, we went in visit the fair. It's by the pool. When we signed in, each girl got a white rose and a small package. Hehe =D
This is my rose~ When I first saw this rose, I thought of someone. He said white means purity. Hehe =) You know who you are~
We each took a glass of drink too. I don't know what juice is it. I just know the decor quite nice. Heee~ Satisfied!
These doves...It's at the ceiling. I SUPA LOVE IT!!!!!! And the colors combination, NICE!
A slight view across where I came in...
This is the stage..It gives me a feeling of garden wedding...
Notice something? The twinkling twinkling stuff...
A closer view...Purplish crystal beads hanging around the stall! LOVE IT! I found another thing that I love too~ It's the ice carving~
See cupid? Hehe =) My brother bah. I'm angel and that's cupid. Hahahaha!
This is a swan...This one is at the right side of the stage, the cupid is on the left.
OH! And this!! A MUST SEE MUST HAVE!!! Dragon & Phoenix!!! THIS ONE IS THE BEST!
Another shot~ Nice? Nice? Nice? Can't say not nice. Haha!
Another shot again! Haha! I supa love it! Can't finish taking the pics~
Now lets head over to the dinner table set...
This is the Western Set...So many forks and spoons. Hahaha! If it's our ah kong ah ma, they sure complain a lot! Agree? Hehe =)
This is the Muhibbah Set. Quite nice also~
This is the Chinese Set. When you see red you see chinese. Hahahaha!
Then we head the dj announced something....Mmm....FREE? What free? Free what?
It's the wine!!!! Not free wine la! It's free tasting. Hahahaha!
I did tried the wine. Sweet sweet de. Hehe =D
Lausy camera + stupid me = bad image! Hahahaha! I should have zoom it!!!!
I tried red wine only. Didn't try the white ones. Hehe =) But sadly they don't have Cabernet Savignon. If not I sure stand there don't want go home. Hahahaha!
This one is another stall. Specialize in making cards and decors~
Cute lil decors~ I didn't see properly what is it though.
Lotsa lovey dovey thingy~ It's pretty ain't it?
I was wondering to myself what is it. Then I ngong ngong there think baru know. Haha! Let you people see and judge~
Then next is the fruit carving show. One chef there carving fruits for everyone to see. Hehe =)
He's carving roses on watermelon..The roses are very detailed. He said he can carve a dragon around the honeydew but it'll take him 2-3 hours. Hehe =)
See it? They have ready made ones la. At the side. This one just show show nia.
Tada~ The fruits~ I see watermelons, papayas and oranges. Creative huh~
A closer view of the papaya~ He did show how he carved that triangle area.
Now lets head over to the gowns~ One of my fav part and also, actually the main purpose of the fair. Hehe =) They didn't put many gowns there ler..
This one is just simple and nice~
This one also simple..With added furs on the shoulder area..
And then I found this! SUPERB! Though it's brown but who cares! Who said wedding gowns must be white? Haha!
Just look at the details...Crystal pieces makes it shine~
And WOW! The lower part~ Nice? Hehe =) I WANT THIS ONE!!!!! Hahahaha!
Then they have another show, teach you how to put on make-ups. From don't know what what bridal studio de. Malays one.
Two aunties and a bride on stage. One is the speaker, one is the make-up artist.
The bride's gown quite nice oh! It's purple! Gladys!!!!! Hahahaha!
Irene's and my roses. Plus the flower on the table. Hahaha! Bored waiting for other show to begin, played with camera lo!
Nice leh~ But kesianz the roses. My rose dropped two petals. Sobs~
Waited too long, we felt bored. So we left and went over Swak Plaza to shop. Tim left us to go pick Ting. Hehe =) Jalan jalan sik tau pegi mana lagi. Went over Tun Jugah lor! Again jalan jalan then went up food court for tea break~
I ordered teh-o warm (as declared by Allen). Hahaha! Allen chia us drink~ Weee~ Thanks Allen~ Owh and! Thanks Pazuzu for the lunch~
Irene: Gimme your camera lil boy!
Allen: No way! It's my toy!
Pazuzu: You're not having mine either!
Jimmy: Haiya! Like that also wana chio! Lai I help you Irene~
Allen: Nah nah nah! Gib you play la. This one must put on top ok?
Irene: Hehehehehehehehe =D I get to play~
Irene: Lai lai lai~ See what pic I took~ Sui leh!
Irene: Another shot!
Allen: (What la this Irene. I pose til so long she don't want take my pic. Sienz!)
Pazuzu: Hehehehe...I also lai join Irene take pics~
Jimmy: Wa kia su! Wa pun ai take pic!
Hahahaha! You snap me I snap you!
Allen our model~ The only one without camera to play ma. So he willingly be our model lor!
Pazuzu: Sui pose! I also take *referring to Allen*
One shot....
Two shot...
Jimmy & Pazuzu: Lets look at the pics we took~ Mmm.....
Allen beh tahan! His toy kena snatched away by Irene. Took out his hp and snap too! Hahahaha!
After tea break, we went back to Holiday Inn again. Jimmy and Irene left us. So left me, Pazuzu and Allen.
This is the drinks stall. Hahaha! We were sitting by the pool bah. Each took out own camera and simply snap pics~
Even snapped water! Shiaw! It's raining so got rain drops. Pretty ma?
This one is the monochrome style..
This is retro. Macam back to ol days. Hahahaha!
So bored there ah. Sien si. Don't know do what. Then Tim came with Ting. They searched for us at TJ but we left dy. Haha! Kesianz~ Then I saw this pool table. Wonder can play or not. Tim and Allen went to ask. RM3 per game. And there goes~
Allen posing~ Haha! He's quite a good player oh~
This is Tim. This guy ah. First to declare that he doesn't know how to play. Mana tau hor! He won two games. Geez~
A view of the pool before I left. I leave around 6.45pm with Pazuzu. Went to pick mummy, had dinner, went to sunday market and go home~ Reached home still online til 11smth. Hahaha! That's all for the day~ The bridal fair - Before I Do~ Dreamz~


jimmychin said…
wait wait wait.. @@
we went there kai kai nia.. kolian ho...
but at least took some angel's pic liao.. haha...
allen said…
boo! i was here!
TimWalVoon said…
I cincai play nia ler! mana tau all masuk lubang wan ehehheahah!

waseh ur post darn detailed ah!

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