Me love me Mami!!!!

This morning I was complaining to me mami that I don't know what to eat for lunch dy. I said I wana eat what she cook lor. Then she said she's not gonna cook today cos going out with my aunty. =( I thought I can't eat nice nice lunch set liu. But ah! Just now 11.40am she called me. Asked me go down take my lunch set. I went down take lor.
This is what mami tapao for me. A very big polystyrene container.
TADA!!!! My fav at Jadepot! Jadepot's sweet sour fish fillet rice!!! YUMMY!!!!!
Look at the fresh vege. Yum~
Fish fillets with pineapple, cucumber, onion and chillies. Slurps~

Me love me mami!!!!! Thanks mami for the lunch!!!! I just simply said it this morn oh. Didn't know she really went there to buy for me. Hehe =D I am so loved!!!!


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