Not in the mood to zzz...

=( Everyone's out to Happy Valley. Sienz~ Left Kelly alone chatting with me. Sharon logoff to supper. Anna logoff to dreamland. Siong out to club. Aihh... I'm hungry!!!

Let's list who went Happy Valley hor.. Mimi, Gagaga, Rarara, Jajaja, Zuzuzu, Tititi, Lilili ( I dont know whether she went cos I see her online), F-C-Peng. I think that's all gua. But A LOT people oh! All miss out from Skype =(


I've visited all blog that I can think of. Read finish dy. Some no updates pun. End up updating my own blog with crapz! Bored bored bored bored bored!!!!

Wana go dreamland but just now noon nap til song si. Now become vampire. =D No one join me in dreamland also. Anna? Sure she got her Xiao Huang lor~ Hahahaha~ Tata! Back to chatz with my dear Kelly who is so kind tonight to accompany me. Mustn't let her down oh~


GaGaGa said…
Angel miss GaGaGa I know.

GaGaGa had a great time BBQ at AAAAAA's place last night. smiLes

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