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Days had gone by...Words weren't heard...Actions weren't seen...

"What's up?" People asked. "Nothing" I replied.

Girls are hard to understand, many told me and I agreed on that. Sometimes can't really understand what I myself want too.

'Is this what I want?' I often question myself. I don't know. Will I regret if I didn't take it? Or will I regret I took it? Life~

I made a mistake two nights ago. Should I really say that it's my mistake? But I'm just caring. But I didn't even ask before doing it. You mind I know though you didn't show. I'm sorry...

Yesterday I travelled the whole of Kuching. Early morning sent mami to work then went to office print some documents. Then headed over to Chee's house to make potato salad for darling. Specially made =) Then sent bro to aunty's house and went to find Aurelia for lunch.

Dropped by to visit Kelly since she almost 'seh ko' at home dy. Then went to Jadepot for lunch. Had sweet sour fish fillet AGAIN! Sot de me. After lunch, went over to Hock Lee. Shopped for clothes hanger and bought a jigsaw puzzle. I really love this puzzle. It's the 12 horoscopes. My favourite puzzle of all!!!!

After shopping, sent Aurelia to church. I went down to walk around church since so long didn't go dy. Lit a candle and prayed. God knows my prayer. Left church and called up Siong. He's so busy lea. So didn't meet up lor. Went to meet with Alvin at Padungan. Long time friend @ Jiu Qing Ren. After that du go pick bro and mami. Went Sunday market gok. Then go home zzz.

Travelled from Matang -> Rubber road -> Rock road -> Penrissen -> Tabuan -> Padungan -> Penrissen -> Rock road -> Rubber road and lastly back to Matang. Siawz!

p/s: Sorry~


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