Sien si ah!

Bored cin! What to do leh? No one wana go out wit me worh. All busy themselves. Haiz...

My day to day routine: 6.20am wake up, 7.15am eat breakfast, 8.30am work, 12.00pm eat lunch, 1.00pm back to work, 5.45pm go home, 6.00pm reach home and online, dinner while online, 9.30pm offline and watch tv, 11.00pm sleep.

SIEN SI AH! Stuck to the same routine everyday. Saturday Sunday even worst! STAY HOME WHOLE DAY ONLINE! OMG! WHAT A BORING LIFE!

Babi lah! I wana go out! I wana have a full packed schedule! And what the heck! I'm suppose to be busy meeting people! Am taking two jobs somemore! Prolly I need another one huh...Hahaha! Crapz! Any job which I can take home and do? Anything? Anyone? Pls!

Dear all, I was just crapping above. Wahaha! I'm too bored! But I'm serious about getting some paperwork job to do at home. Can anybody help?????????????


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