Thank you all!

This morning I woke up, found out that my fav pants is no more...Gone from me...I felt so sad...So no mood to talk or do anything for the whole morn. Sms'ed friends to complain bout it. Then as usual, reached office and on my skype.

Same same stuff lor.. Until~ They all got craze! Haha! They made me smile and laughed along with them. They'd brighten my day~ From dark gray clouds to bright shiny happy day~

Thanks to Jimmy, Frankie, Rose, JF, Paul, Eve, Anna, Gladys, Tim and Ting!!!! Really love you all lots lots!!! From rotten apple to durian to jambu to bulachan mihoon to lasagna to siberian husky! OMG! We're really a bunch of crazy fun skypers! Hahaha!
And of course...looking at these pics...surely remind us of someone huh? Haha! He's far away in KL oh~ And he sure needs our support back home. He sounds kinda down when I messaged him last night. So Skypers! Do your job! Send him a SUPPORTING message! He needs us!
Oh~ Another thing to look forward to...My chocolates~ Weee~~ Hahaha! I'm so mean!


gLaDieZz said…
Awwww... Gladys loves Angel too. smiLes
Eve! said…
Wee! Where's Eve Choc??

Love Angel too.


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