Why so?

Dear you,

Two nights ago I dreamt of you...The same night I made my mistake...

It woke me up...It's a nightmare to me...Also a dream that made me think 'why so?'

I dreamt of us in a car. The driver was a girl named Yvonne. Quite pretty. Short haired and very fair. You were seated next to her. I was seating behind her. Next to me was your friend, a guy. Next to him was my cousin. Next to my cousin seated another girl, I don't know who.

You were talking so sweetly to Yvonne. You told me you guys were just friends. But all of a sudden, I saw the two of you holding hands. I turned towards the window and cried. I didn't wana look at you two. So loving.

I wanted to run away. But I didn't cos I don't want you to know my feelings towards you. So I just sat there.

You never knew....


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