Baby Wei Yang full month dinner~

Last night was baby Wei Yang's full month dinner. We were all invited to Uncle Fung Lei's house for dinner. The dinner was said to be 6.30pm for family and 8pm for agents. So what time should I go? Since I'm part family part agent. Haha! So I reached at 7.30pm lor. In between both time. Haha!

When I reached there, it started to rain. Phew~ Lucky I went early. Hehe =) I didn't manage to take baby's pic cos he was sleeping dy. Don't wana disturb him. Cute ah!!!! So chubby chubby de. Hehe =D
Time for food!!!! These foods were supplied by Lok Thian Restaurant. Quite nice oh~ I had noodle, meatballs, sweet sour fish fillet and mix vege.
Tze Yee so cute! So happy to see me there~ Haha! Her mummy called her to eat she doesn't want, bro give also doesn't want. When I said I feed, she immediately pulled me to take food. Say want this want that. Haha! Cute ler~
Owh~ Surely meals does comes with fruits. I didn't eat any of the fruits. Dawn was so happily consuming the pineapple. Haha!
Baby's full month must have red eggs and ang-ku-kueh. Haha!
One of our unit manager, Kim, bought us red wine. Green Vale Merlot 2003. Sweet is all I can comment about the wine. I had quite a lot of wine last night. Haha!
After I took my meal, went around the house to view view. Baby's gift! Hampers, clothes, soft toys, etc etc etc...
When I sat down at the living room, I saw something funny about this room. I mean the door's sign.
Haha! My uncle is really cute. The room is the small store room under the stairs. And he named the room 'Harry Potter Room'. Haha! Exactly where Harry Potter sleeps.
Nice nice decor~ I love this rack~ Hehe =D
Jeng jeng jeng!!! Chivas Regal~ Hahaha!
And look at this! Wow! It's really nice ( I mean the coins in it) Haha! JK! It's unique. Hehe =)
Had lotsa fun last night. Eat and drink and joke around. We even sang with our AM Mr Kuang. Haha! I left with Ms Chan around 11.30pm. Hehe =) Thank you Uncle Fung Lei for the dinner~


gLaDieZz said…
Wheeeee... I want ang-ku-kueh! Hehe. Got da bao some for me or not?

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