Banana Split

Last Saturday I wasn't in a good mood. So I called up Jimmy, Alvin and Gladys to go eat ice-cream at Banana Split. But Gladys didn't make it, she's busy. Anyway, it's located at 3rd Exchange, 3rd Mile. Newly open I supposed. Saw it in Jimmy's blog so I just wanted to go try.
I ordered Sundae with blueberry toppings...There's two chocolate stick and a cherry...
Jimmy ordered Sundae with strawberry toppings and corn flakes...
Alvin ordered Sundae with chocolate toppings and Koko Krunch. Haha!

After finish our own ice-cream, we ordered another one. It's called Banana Split, the name of the shop itself. We all shared one. Not bad ler. But I do prefer the sundaes. Hehe =D A place to recommend. I like the atmosphere too. Do go for a try people~ Cheers~


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