Bloggers @ Kaya & Toast 01-12-07

Last Saturday was bloggers meet with our local band; Dream Machine and SLaP.

Venue: Kaya & Toast, Petanak
Time: 4pm

Before I start anything about the meeting, lets see something from Sarawak ICT Expo 2007. It's located at the usual venue; 5th floor of Taman Kereta. I went over to buy stuff before heading to Kaya & Toast.
These are the brochures I got. The LINEAGE brochure comes with a DVD. I haven't have the time to see what's in it yet. Heard Siong said this game is very nice. The graphics are nice too. As they did show it on pc there.
These are the things I bought. Bought a mp3 modulator for RM33 and a Kingston 1GB pendrive for RM26. I helped Sze and Irene bought optical mouse. One for RM14. Hehe =)
Ba Zhen!!!! Haha! Jimmy gave me ba zhen from Sarikei. Thanks Jimmy~

Now back to Kaya & Toast. I ffk Allen and Alvin at the expo and went over Kaya & Toast. Haha! Reaching there, saw Jimmy, Irene, Ah Bao, Leslie and Ah Hao (or is it How?). Ah Hao treat us foods and drinks. Weee~ Haha!
We had toast...I love this one.. Hehe =D
Bread with butter and kaya. Didn't try this one though.
Bread with peanut butter. I didn't try this either.
Er...should be bread with butter and kaya. Haha! Didn't try this also.

Not long later, Eve arrived. Then came Gladys with Xiao Huang. Haha!
Gladys's lil baby @ Anna's bf. Hahaha! Cute ler~ He's the center of attention. Haha!
Presenting Jimmy Chin~ He just had his hair cut. Looks nice right? Hehe =)

This is Leslie from SLaP.
This is Ah Hao from Dream Machine.
Ah Hao and Alvin. Alvin is from Channel 1.
Tim and Rambo Chai. Rambo's from SLaP.
Vain shot of us~ Anyway, those attended this gathering were; Jimmy, Irene, Cherry, Apple, Eve, Gladys, Anna, Ting, Tim, Allen, Alvin, Ah Bao, Leslie, Ah Hao, Rambo and ME! Don't think I missed out anyone oh~ Hehe =) Our group pic is still with Alvin. He's very busy these day so haven't have the time to send to us yet. Hakz!


jimmychin said…
saw my engtao face...hahaha
gLaDieZz said…
HAHAHAHA Gladys punya Xiao Huang!! BTW, you're TAGGED! WAHAHAHAHAHAH
Apple said…
First time meeting you in person =)

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