Teachers' Wedding @ Banquet 02-12-07

Last Sunday was my dance class teacher Alysha's wedding. Both 'em my dance teacher la. Hehe =) Me and my cousin Chee were both invited too! But I didn't went with her cos her Siang surely pick her la and I don't wana be bulb. So I asked Alvin to pick me. Haha!
This is the backdrop of the stage. Sui ler~ So lovin' the pink and purple~ Hehe =D
My table number is E7. Alysha designed it by herself oh! She's so lihai! DIY everything on her own! Even her invitation card is so DIFFERENT!
This is roses on each table. It's not real rose oh. Inside is strawberry candy. Haha!
She did put up her wedding pics on video on a projector. And I think she even did the video on her own. But didn't confirm that la. Haha!
Jimmy was there too! Kuching is really small. Everyone knows everyone. Haha!
Irene and Ben was invited as well! Was kinda surprised to see Ben there. Haha! I thought only Irene and Jimmy. Hehe =)
And this is Alvin. Cowboy of the night~ Wee weet! Haha! So nice of him to bring me there and sent me home. Thanks PigGiE~
Girls bloggers with the couple~
All bloggers pic! Weee~ All are bloggers except Teacher Paul. Haha!
Chee and me being vain! Hahaha! Do we look alike? Hehe =D
Another shot! Aiseh!
**SwEeT** My cousin and cousin-in-law. Wahahaha!
Siong and me =) Kesian Siong that night sick still go over oh *SayaNg sAyAng*
These are the naughty naughty students with Teacher Paul. They're from the break dance class I think. Not quite sure. Hehe =)
See how naughty they are? Haha!
Teacher Alysha so cute ler~ She changed into the angel attire. Even has wings! Haha!
See her wings? And her wand! Sweet sweet couple~
Sorry mate~ I forgot your name. Haha! He's one of the eng tau kia who sat same table with me.
This one also another eng tau kia same table with me. All ED students~
StiTcH!!!! I miss stitch! Used to so gila over stitch! Hahaha!
We were served with red wine too! Slurps~

The night was awesome! I didn't take any pics of the food cos when it came, everyone's so hungry just take and eat dy lor! For more pictures, do visit Jimmy's and Irene's blog. I hereby wana wish the couple Alysha and Paul; HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ALL THE TIME~ HUGS!


jimmychin said…
saw my hamsap face.. :P
alysha aka weiwei said…
yo, i wan my pic, hahaha

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