Chip and Dale

Last weekend, 30th December. Me, Gladys and Eve went up to Serikin cos I wanted to buy stuff. Kuo Yang went up too and met us there. It was supa dupa hot that day. I got my nice tan when I'm back. Haha! I didn't buy anything there, Gladys and Eve bought keropok.

On our way back to Kuching, we dropped by Marrybrown at Bau. Hehe =) My first time there and it's also my first time driving up so far. Haha!
I've been to Marrybrown at Bau~! Weeee~~~~ Happy si. Haha!
Actually I never had Marrybrown before. Not even when I was at KL. Haha!
Menu menu menu...See the big big chicken? Kekekeke =D
Ice creams...mashed potatoes...salads...fries...nuggets....I didn't know what to order!!!
Until I spotted these!!! Haha! Chip and dale. So cute la!! Being my first time there, must bring back souvenir la. So I decided to order....
Kiddy meal! Yay~ LoLx!!! Cos only kiddy meal comes with gift ma! Chip and Dale somemore worh! Hahahahaha!!!!! Owh and I got the orange one! It's Dale~
Kiddy meal consists of coke, mashed potato and burger. Actually these are what I chose la. There's three category to choose from ma. First is choose main meal, I chose burger. Secondly choose dessert, I chose mashed potato. Thirdly choose drinks, I chose coke.
This is what Kuo Yang ordered. Haha! Gladys had burger too and onion rings. I forgot what Eve ordered. I know there's fries. A lot of fries. Hahaha!!
After Marrybrown, we decided to have a look at how Tasik Biru is like. Hahaha!!! Reaching there, Gladys was so shocked!!! She said it's the place she always go and yet she doesn't know it's called Tasik Biru. Hahaha!
Sign board. This lake has more alkali than asid (sorry I studied science in Malay). Haha! And my science sucks. Hahaha! I only know Maths and Accounts =P
Now this is Tasik Biru and if you don't know, it's Blue Lake. Hahaha!
Why call blue leh? I don't see it's that blue'ish. It's green to me. Haha! We all took lotsa vain shots there. It's really cool hanging out with 3 of them =D I'm hoping to go Marrybrown again. Hehe =D Can't wait til my dad comes back. Hehe =)


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