Christmas Gathering @ Gladys's house

On the 24th of December last year. Have to get used to the word 'last year'. Haha! I had dance class as usual at ED. After dance class I head over to Gladys's house for bloggers' Christmas gathering. Everyone was there around 7pm but not me. When I reached there, Allen dy left and Kuo Yang was leaving too.

Anyway, I brought presents for 13 of them. Namely Gladys, Anna, Rose, JF, Paul, Tim, Ting, Jimmy, Irene, Alvin, Allen, Frankie and Eve.
These were the presents I bought to distribute to friends and family. I bought 13mugs for bloggers, one bin for my lil bro, one top for Kelly, one collar shirt for Siong, a pair of earrings and a necklace for Aurelia, candles for Chee and Ing and 4 Christmas socks for my colleagues and Ricky. Hehe =D Spent the most on Christmas gift last year.

Back to story, when I reached Gladys's house, all the food left...urm....Gladys said they're all mine and my eyes goes (O_O)??? Hahahaha! It's alot ok! How am I to finish them all up???
Tadah~ Steamboat. There's chicken meat, crab rolls, vege and bla bla bla...The lamb were finished dy but it's alright cos I don't eat lamb meat. Hehe =)
See everyone was full and enjoying themselves at living room.
Gladys cook for me! Weee~ Thanks Gladys! Knowing that I don't cook. Haha! Eh, I found something funny in this pic la. What's with Wilson at the back there?
And this is Rose~ Supa dupa cute Rose!!!! She was complaining that my santa hat is more furry than hers. Hahahaha!!! Next year I'll get you one my dear~
Erm....picture speaks a thousand words. Hahahaha!! JF, you didn't wear you kaaap???
And yes! Champagne!!! erm sorry dude..I forgot your name =)
Then Anna our model went to pose with him. Hehe =) Sho cute!
And there goes, everyone 'Yam Seng'!!! Hehe =) Urm...Rose? Doing what there???
Then many people leave..oo....and!!!! Wilson!!! A good piano player and sings well too~ He played piano and sang along with Gladys~ Weeee~ That night, those left for countdown were me, Jimmy, Alvin, Wilson, Jason and of course, our dear Gladys~ We had red wine. Kekeke =D I guess that's all for my Christmas Eve post. Cheers~


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